In line with our mission and deep-rooted values, and considering the current needs of our clients, HOPE has formulated the following Strategic Plan Goals for five years starting from 2016:

Programme Goals

  • Improve the healthcare status of underprivileged and/or marginalised communities, with particular attention to maternal health, child mortality and combating RTI/STI and HIV/AIDS.
  • Improve learning outcomes and educational attainment of children and raising the quality of learning environments in formal schools.
  • Provide home-based and family-based care and protection for children to combat child labour, abuse, exploitation and deprivation.
  • Empower marginalised youth and women to increase their skill capacity to secure sustainable livelihoods.

Organisational Goals

  • Be a voice for children through the implementation of an all-encompassing family and community approach to development.
  • Improve management effectiveness and accountability within the organisation.
  • Increase fundraising initiatives in India, Ireland, the UK, Germany and the USA for organisational stability and sustainability.
  • Increase volunteer and stakeholder engagement.