Nabo Asha provides educational support, along with nutrition and counselling to street-connected children. The majority of the children are first-generation learners. Froebel methodologies are implemented to prepare the children to be enrolled in formal schools, allowing them to continue their education. Focus is given to linking the children with Government scholarships and schemes to ensure the continuation of their education. Support is provided to single parents and guardians so that they can access government entitlements and information. Active Community Support Groups in each area create safety nets within the community for the children.

There are 8 Nabo Asha centres in different areas of Kolkata where street population has high density. Centres are named against its geographical locations in the city.

Name of the Centre Capacity Partner
Nabo Asha, Chelta 60 Hope Kolkata Foundation
Nabo Asha, GD Park 60
Nabo Asha, Gariahat 80
Nabo Asha, Topsia 76
Nabo Asha, New Market 74
Nabo Asha, Central 80
Nabo Asha, Nimtala 70
Nabo Asha, Sickline 60