Life Skill Training Institute
The Life Skill Training Centre provides professionally designed training courses which are tailored to suit the capabilities of the trainees. A one-to-one intensive learning of technical skills provides each trainee with a marketable skill. This is complemented with a certificate upon completion and job placement or support to set up a business from home. These training programs do not restrictions based on age and educational qualifications, to ensure better livelihood opportunities and skilled workforces. Hope Kolkata Foundation implements the entire programme.

Restaurant Training: The six-month course aims to give trainees better livelihood opportunities by providing training on traditional Indian dishes, as well as baking and cooking dishes from different countries, and restaurant service skills.
Beautician Training: Underprivileged young women receive a four-month quality skills training course in Beautician and Hair Dressing along with personality development supports to help them build a better future.

Tailoring Unit: This six-month course on tailoring provides complete knowledge on cutting, stitching, designing, embroidery and use of high-speed commercial sewing machines.
Computer Training: A year-long computer training course is run in this unit which starts from basics to web designing. An advanced course on finance is also available for people aiming at a career in Accounts. HOPE runs 4 computer units in Kolkata and Howrah.

Skill Units Capacity Partners
Tailoring 80 Hope Kolkata Foundation
Beautician 90
Restaurant Service 8
Computer (Life Skills) 130
Computer (Panditya) 90
Computer (Chetla) 70
Computer (Howrah) 130