Naya Daur is a community-based project which supports homeless people with psychosocial disorders through nutrition, health and hygiene, clothing and family restoration.
Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is a key aspect of the project which supports clients to reintegrate into society. Advocacy and awareness campaigns are conducted to promote the social inclusion of this marginalized population. Support is provided to help clients obtain Government benefits.
Caregivers are identified to support people with psychosocial disorders within the community. As a result, more clients are being accepted back into local communities and provided with employment.
Naya Daur mobilizes community resources such as pharmacies, NGOs, community based organisations, local shop keepers, pharmaceutical companies, other corporate groups, and concerned individuals, empowering them to act as potential caregivers. Using these resources, a wider support network is formed to create an integrated mental health service model. The caregivers and other community members provided enormous support during the lockdown, by providing medicinal and food support to the clients when the social workers were not able to. Caregivers bridge the gap between social workers and homeless people with psychosocial disabilities. Despite the circumstances, with the help of the caregivers, the Naya Daur programme continued to provide counselling and medical check-ups on video calls.

Project Partner
Community-based Care and Support Programme for Homeless People with psychosocial disorders Ishwar Sankalpa