Self-help groups (SHGs) play a major role in poverty alleviation in both rural and urban India. A growing number of poor women in various parts of India are members of SHGs and actively engage in savings and credit, as well as in other activities (income generation, natural resources management, literacy, child care and nutrition, legal rights etc.) The savings and credit focus SHG is the most prominent element and offers a chance to create some control over capital. The SHG system has proven to be very relevant and effective in offering women the possibility to break away gradually from exploitation and isolation. Development and Empowerment of women has been a priority in the developmental sector. Realizing the vulnerable condition of urban poor Hope Kolkata Foundation has come forward and taken up the initiative and started the SHG movement in 4 wards of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Ward numbers 82, 85, 90 and 03).

This year a total of 290 women were directly benefitted through forming SHG, inter-loaning process and income generation programme. 15 Exhibitions has been organized in different places like as South City Mall, Tridhara Samilliani, Loreto House, Holy child School, HSBC, TATA AIG, and 2999 products has been sold in these exhibition and Rs. 176899 revenue has been generated through these exhibitions. 6 capacity building training organized under Micro-credit Project to facilitate the SHG mothers on importance of opening of Saving account and Life Insurance. 128 SHG mothers have participated in the training. 5 No. of Awareness Camps organized on different social issues, and 116 SHG mothers participated in Awareness Camps.

Enhancing Skill Development Programme

The Hope Foundation Started different projects for providing enhanced skill development training to the women, living below the poverty line, so that they can get employment or be self employed to generate income for their families. Presently the organization project with the local partner named Paschim Bango Krira–O-Janakayan (PBKOJP) in two of most congested slum in Kolkata; Khidderpore and Kalighat. The Enhanced Skill Development project enables women to combine their domestic responsibilities with income generation. It promotes livelihoods and entrepreneurial initiatives in the slums. The project provides the initial capital, design inputs, training, machines, a work place, market linkages, a catalogue and the reputation of the organization. With this support, they start securing orders from the market. This year (2012-13) ESDP unit has procured and supplied the following orders from the local market & Sports club: 118 pieces of Jersey, 788 pieces of T-shirts, 14 sets of track suits, 200 pieces of briefs, 640 pieces of caps, 20 pieces of boiler suits, 6 goal keepers jersey. The unit has successfully established a rapport with company named City Oil Pvt. ltd., Liberty Marine Syndicate and a sports club named Dum Dum Boys Club, Kolkata.