Child Watch is a unique project centred on the care and protection of vulnerable children. It aims to build a strong bond between communities and education, protection and healthcare systems.

The project focuses on enrolling children between the ages of 6 and 14 years in formal school. To ensure they can earn a decent livelihood and thereby live with dignity, vocational training support and guidance is provided to children over 14 years of age, who have dropped out of school.

Community Watch Groups have been established in each area under the project. Active volunteers from the community create a 24/7 safety net within the community for children living on the street. The Community Watch Groups motivate parents, especially fathers, to reduce expenditure on addiction and save money for their child’s education. Child Vigilance Groups have also been formed to protect children’s rights. The groups are made up of children, who act as role models for the other children in their communities. This year, when movement and mass gatherings were restricted, the Community Watch Group and Child Vigilance Group members bridged the gap between community members and the Child Watch team.