By sponsoring a child with HOPE, you can make a lasting difference to the future of a child and their family. Through the Education Sponsorship Programme, we support children from pre-school right through to college /University.  Education Sponsorship covers school books, uniforms, school fees and private tuition fees, education material, festival dress, winter dress and if needed medical and nutrition support.

Sponsorship costs only INR 22,000/-(INR Twenty two thousands) for a full year. That works out at just about INR 1833/- per month.  If you decide child sponsorship is right for you, then we will assign a specific child to you for sponsoring.

What to expect from your Child Sponsorship:

  • A Case History with your sponsored child’s photo and personal details and information about your sponsored child’s situation
  • Once a year you will receive an annual Progress Report detailing the educational status of your sponsored child and his or her achievements. It will also include a drawing by your sponsored child and short letter if they are old enough to write in English.
  • It is not possible to give updates during the year due to the volume of children in our programmes.
If you decide to sponsor child/children please contact Somnath Mali, Sponsorship Officer
Email: ; Phone: +919874066834 or +918240669625.

Meritorious students looking for sponsorship support may also email to