HOPE invites each individual to join the Friends Club. Each individual can contribute towards the common vision. They can join this movement – the movement to bring forward the downtrodden underprivileged section of the society.
You can become an important partner of Hope Foundation by performing the role of an advocate and communicator.

You can learn more about the rights of the children and women through different books, journals. You can speak out and raise your voice against any kind of harmful acts and discrimination. You can share HOPE Overview, Leaflet, Posters, Newsletters, and presentations among your friends, family and colleagues. In school and college, you can form group of like-minded people who can raise little amount of fund for the children and women; who can live a better life with your kind support and encouragement.

Your support facilitates us to persist making a noteworthy difference to the lives of children. With your support we can lend a hand and empower the most vulnerable children providing them with education, life skills, and protection from violence and exploitation. Your valuable contributions make it possible to build a better life for India's most vulnerable boys and girls.

In our numerous initiatives towards building a society where gender is equal, we would appreciate your support. We have people from different walk of life that spare time from their busy schedule and join hand with us to achieve our goal for women empowerment. One must appreciate that the Herculean task cannot be performed and achieved by a single person or a small group of people. It needs participation of many. To enable a lasting change, all it takes is to stand up for what is the right thing to do.

It is only with the continued support of staff, friends, donors, sponsors, reporters, interns and volunteers in Ireland, England, Germany and India that we can help realise the dreams of thousands of children and women. To see their smiling, happy faces are the greatest reward that we could ever receive.