Hope Hospital, established in 2008, caters to the secondary healthcare needs of street-connected and slum-dwelling children and adults living below the poverty line, who would otherwise be deprived of necessary medical treatment.

HOPE Hospital supports and collaborates with several charities in Kolkata and other districts to support socio-economically vulnerable people through the provision of medical services. Many of them are supported through the Hospital’s outreach programmes such as Night Round Mobile Medical Unit, Community Clinics and the Blindness Eradication Programme.

The State Health Department of West Bengal Government provided special permission to HOPE Hospital to open a COVID-19 ward to provide secondary medicinal support to Covid patients.

Facilities and Services
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Mobile Dental Clinic

The Mobile Dental Clinic is an outreach project of HOPE Hospital. The project conducts dental check-up camps three days in a week in various rural areas where there is a lack of medical facilities and for the street and slum population of Kolkata in association with other charities.
Mobile Dental Clinic offers a viable option to address the issues of oral healthcare delivery for the underserved population in West Bengal. The services include dental Check-up, Scaling, teeth extraction, cavity filling. In critical cases, the patients are referred to the Specialized Dental Clinic at Hope Hospital for further evaluation.

Night Round Mobile Medical Unit

The Night Round Mobile Medical Unit is an outreach project of Hope Hospital. This project provides primary health care services and creates health and hygiene awareness among the street-connected communities of Kolkata.

The street and slum communities are mostly daily wage workers and cannot afford to lose a day of paid work to access healthcare. The concept of the Night Round Mobile Medical Unit was established to address this crisis.

Community Clinics

The Community Clinics provide primary health check-ups to cater to the medical needs of the community. Special emphasis is placed on providing care to children, pregnant and lactating mothers, adolescent youths, and the elderly. The project places importance on improving and maintaining the general health of patients by providing medical care and treatment. The successful implementation of the Community Clinic in Chitpur led to the replication of a similar programme in Sickline slum in Kolkata where slum dwellers often have medical problems which are different from the general public, due to the particular poor and unhygienic environment they live in; neglect of ailments which then exacerbate, particularly for young women who often feel too awkward to approach a doctor.

Blindness Eradication Programme

HOPE’s Blindness Eradication Programme aims to increase the provision of high-quality, sustainable eye care through primary, secondary and tertiary treatment for urban and rural communities where medical facilities for both children and adults are lacking. HOPE has already reached out 7 districts of West Bengal, including Kolkata. HOPE Hospital runs a specialised eye clinic and a dedicated eye surgery operation theatre.