Community Based Project for the Homeless Mentally Ill

Mental Health remains neglected due to stigma and discrimination associated with this silent health issue. The daily struggles of those experiencing mental health issues worsen, as Kolkata severely lacks mental health rehabilitation facilities. This has resulted in homelessness without access to any form of support. Many homeless mentally ill persons face extreme abuse, violently beaten to death and are abandoned or missing, as families lack awareness and knowledge, and are not financially secure to care for their needs. HOPE partnered with Iswar Sankalpa in 2007, to provide professional guidance and services for Homeless Mentally Ill Persons from economically poor and socially marginalised sections of society in Kolkata.
The objective of the programme is that Homeless-Mentally Ill (HMI) individuals will improve their mental health status, and will be resettled, rehabilitated or restored, where appropriate.

  • 46 new patients were identified under Naya Daur outreach programme of Iswar Sankalpa.
  • 82 community members act as caregivers to HMI living in the community.
  • 91 patients were provided with counselling support and medical aid.
  • 52 clients, after successful treatment, have found jobs.
  • 12 mentally ill persons were restored back to their families.
  • 27 HMI were provided with treatment from government hospitals.
  • 28 Mental Health camps and Awareness camp, attended by 715 people, were organised to address stigmatisation of HMIs, identify HMIs and their community caregivers and sensitise key stakeholders on mental health issues.