Sachidananda Das

Director - Finance & Administration

Sachidananda is an M.Com from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh worked in corporate sector for 17 years and joined The Hope...

Geeta Venkadakrishnan

Director, Hope Kolkata Foundation

Geeta is the Director of Hope Kolkata Foundation since its inception in 1999 an...

Ramanika Nandy

Programme Support Officer

Ramanika is responsible for the health, education and anti-trafficking programme at HOPE.

Madhushree Das

Programme Support Officer

Madhshree’s key responsibilities include monitoring of quality implementation and progress ofthe Child Protection Program.

Jhulan Ghose

Volunteer and Intern Coordinator

Jhulan has been working in the social development sector for more than a decade and her working experience spreads...

Amal Saha

Finance Monitoring Officer

Amal is the Finance Monitoring Officer in the HOPE Programme Team for last 6 years.

Arunava Das

Logistics & Hospitality Manager

Arunava is Graduate from University of Kolkata. He is working with THE HOPE ...

Sulochona Chaudhuri

Consultant (Proposal Development)

Sulochona has a Masters degree in Environmental Science from Imperial College, London.

Debu Das

Office Assistant

Debu joined The Hope Foundation in 2006.

Surojit Gayen

Office Maintenance

Surojit joined The Hope Foundation in 2006.