“The poorest people in our global community live a life of bare subsistence, one of uncertainty, insecurity, more suffering and quite often, premature death. There are no safety nets, such as social welfare, for the families we work with. Their survival is determined by your generosity and kindness in reaching out and responding in whatever way you can. I ask you to remember the street and slum children and to support our work.”

Maureen Forrest, Founder & Honorary Director, The Hope Foundation

Sachidananda Das

Director - Finance & Administration

Ramanika Nandy

Programme Support Officer

Madhushree Das

Child Protection and Programme Support Officer

Subhatama Mukherjee

Porgramme Support Officer

Priyanka Dey

MIS Officer

Jhulan Ghose

International Volunteer Programme & Digital Content Officer

Amal Saha

Finance Monitoring Officer

Arunava Das

Logistics & Hospitality Manager

Sulochona Chaudhuri

Consultant (Proposal Development)

Nabanita Banerjee

Consultant-Grant Writer

Rajani Singh

Consultant - Grant Writer

Rakhi Bhattacharya

Consultant-Grant Development

Debu Das

Office Assistant

Surojit Gayen

Office Maintenance