HOPE established the Brian’s Way Resource Centre in 2019 to ensure children with special needs have access to required therapies. The objective of the project is to improve their quality of life by giving them access to important resources such as aids, appliances, appropriate therapies, and special and inclusive education in school. Children with special needs from under-served communities in Kolkata receive therapeutic supports such as physiotherapy, occupational, speech therapy and dance movement. The parents are informed about disability, inclusive education and government schemes. They also receive training to support the children and are motivated to provide continuous support to their children. Preliminary counselling is also provided to help the parents support their children at home.

HOPE has set up a barrier-free centre for children with special needs, and a bus has been customised to ensure children with special needs access this resource centre.

Name of the Centre Capacity Partner
Brian’s Way Resource Centre 100 Hope Kolkata Foundation