Sujjana is 15 years old boy. He is from a slum near Howrah station. His parents were separated when Sujan was young and he stayed back with his father. Sujan used to scour Howrah station for bottles and newspapers. One day while searching he came in contact with a live electric cable and was badly burnt. Sujan was in the local General hospital for months and survived but his skin was stretched, Since he was badly burnt Sujan used have a huge problem regarding his body image. He used to come to the Howrah Drop in centre and was motivated to join the rehabilitation program. He came to Punorjibon Rehabilitation Home of Hope on 12.5.2009. Sujan used to be pretty depressed and used to be withdrawn. Regular counseling using different techniques and encouragement to take up activities like karate and dancing helped him to overcome the problems. He was admitted twice to Hope hospital for skin grafting. Sujan is now in class V. He is a very diligent student and takes active interest in Karate and Dancing. He is also a part of the laundry life skills project.