Howrah Skill Unit

Kalim is 22 years old and completed his B. Arts in Calcutta University. He lives with his parents and since his father’s income was not sufficient to support the family, Kalim gave private tuition to underprivileged children in his community in the evening to help support his father.
Once he heard about the new Howrah Skill Unit, he enrolled in the Computer Course in September 2016 and attended the Spoken English and Personal Development classes. Through these classes, Kalim developed into a confident young man. Determined and driven to lead a successful life, Kalim took the initiative to start his own business when he completed the course in March 2017.
Now he imports jewellery from Gujarat based on orders he receives and supplies dealers in Burra Bazaar. By using the communication and personal development skills he learnt in the Computer Course, he is able to communicate confidently with suppliers and dealers and maintains all data on his computer to run his business smoothly and effectively.

He is still giving private tuition to underprivileged children as well as continuing his business. Kalim dreams to extend his business and support his family.