Child Watch

8 year old Bishu (name changed) didn’t have a childhood like most children. With 7 siblings, he was forced to beg on the busy streets and roads of Kolkata to earn as much money as he could every day to help his mother support their family. Denied of an education, he worked long hours every day, in the unbearable summer heat and torrential monsoon rain. In order to escape the torment of his everyday life, he became addicted to inhaling solvents.

Luckily, HOPE’s Child Watch team found young Bishu and spoke to his mother about the dangers of child labour and inhaling solvents. She agreed to send her son to a detoxification centre and he is now in of HOPE’s protection homes where he received non formal education at first and has now been enrolled in school. He loves going to school every day and has made many new friends. Bishu is a happy, energetic boy and loves to football with the other boys.