Anti Trafficking

Abha Bar and her daughter Rani went to Brindaban on a pilgrimage with a guru on the 27th of April 2016. Abha was a loyal follower of the guru and fully trusted him as they embarked on their pilgrimage. In Brindaban they stayed with a man called Gopal Munna.

However, Gopal and the guru pressurized Abha to agree to the forced marriage of Gopal and her 16 year old daughter Rani. Abha refused to agree but Gopal and other men threatened Abha and Rani was forced to marry Gopal. Abha managed to escape and immediately rang her husband to inform him about what happened who went to Brindaban along with relatives to rescue Abha and Rani. They lodged an FIR but the police did not rescue Rani. Anxious to rescue their daughter, HCWS were informed about the need to rescue Rani. HCWS contacted an NGO called Justice Ventures International in Bihar and representative went to Delhi and rescued Rani on the 31st of May 2016 and Child Welfare Committee placed her in a protection home in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. Rani’s family, HCWS team and CWC visited Rani and a home visit was conducted as requested by the CWC. Following a home visit report, Rani moved into a protection home in Kolkata where she is receiving counselling, medical, education and nutritional support to help her overcome her trauma.