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Our Vision - A World Where it Should Never Hurt to Be a Child.

Hope Success Stories

Rajani with Chaina in Hope Hospital. Chaina was extremely sick two weeks back but now she is doing well. She will be discharged from Hope Hospital shortly.

hope-success hope-success

The Hope Foundation is partnering with Haldarchwak Chetana Welfare Society to rescue and reintegrate trafficked girls and women in West Bengal. They have rescued one girl from Delhi with the support from The Hope Foundation. We are proud of the marvelous work HCWS is doing.



Dance Therapy Project

"Mafalda Deville from the Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company is working with dancers from Kolkata Sanved to develop two specially choreographed dances based on real life stories of survivors of violence. Further, a video is being made by young girls from vulnerable communities during a week- long workshop conducted by Elspeth from Trinidad and Rose from London. The film will be screened when the Sanved dancers perform at Sadlers Wells Theatre in London in the run up to the 2012 Olympics."

Jhuma Das and Amina Khatoon, beneficiaries of Dance Therapy Priject of All Bengal Women's Union have been selected by Jasmin Vardimon Dance Company to perform in the Advocacy Campaign Programme during 2012 Olympic at London.



Ahitya Ghosh


Ahitya Ghosh


Apan Ghosh


Village- Dosimana,
Post Office- Bamunpara,
Police Station-Polba, District-Hooghly











Ahitya Ghosh aged 1year old boy belongs from a very poor family and his father is a daily labour. The family consists of five members and his father is the only bread earner of the family. He was identified from the Early Identification Camp at Pandua, Hoogly District. Doctor referred him to RCFC for surgery. He suffered from Biletaral Conginital Telipes Equno Varus by birth. He was admitted at RCFC on 10.5.12. After the admission, he underwent for pathological testing and pediatric check-ups. Under the supervision of Dr P. Chatterjee the surgery of Bilateral Percutancos Tenotomy was done on-24.5.12. After 3 weeks the plaster was removed and the boy was provided with Bilateral Robert John's Splints. There after physiotherapy continued for a month in the RCFC. The mobility aids workshop later designed Bilateral Dennis Brown shoe for him.

Joyeet Roy

Joyeet is 16 years old girl. She lives in Panditiya Girls Home of Hope. She has passed class X board examination successfully with 71%. She is now studying in class XI at Kamala Chatterjee girls school in Kolkata. She has taken admission in Pathfinder Educational Centre for the preparation of the entrance examination of Engineering (WBJEE – West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination). Joyeeta has her own dreams and wants to become an engineer. Joyeeta is very intelligent girl. She is a well behaved young lady. She also loves painting and dancing.


Sujjana is 15 years old boy. He is from a slum near Howrah station. His parents were separated when Sujan was young and he stayed back with his father. Sujan used to scour Howrah station for bottles and newspapers. One day while searching he came in contact with a live electric cable and was badly burnt. Sujan was in the local General hospital for months and survived but his skin was stretched, Since he was badly burnt Sujan used have a huge problem regarding his body image. He used to come to the Howrah Drop in centre and was motivated to join the rehabilitation program. He came to Punorjibon Rehabilitation Home of Hope on 12.5.2009. Sujan used to be pretty depressed and used to be withdrawn. Regular counseling using different techniques and encouragement to take up activities like karate and dancing helped him to overcome the problems. He was admitted twice to Hope hospital for skin grafting. Sujan is now in class V. He is a very diligent student and takes active interest in Karate and Dancing. He is also a part of the laundry life skills project.

Restaurant Unit:


Rajuua has been associated with Hope since last 3 years. He was rescued by our social workers and was eventually convinced to lead a normal life of dignity and self respect. He trained in Hope Café in Culinary skills and as time passed he was given the responsibility of managing other new trainees. He was sent to Bohemian Restaurant for Industrial Training, where he was absorbed as an employee.

B Imran

B. Imran is one of our beneficiaries from Punorjibon (A shelter Home for Drug addicted children). After being rescued from Howrah station, he spent most of his days in Hope's protection home. As he was always inclined towards cooking, he was sent to Hope Café where he trained for 3 years. Being partially impaired with his hearing, it took him a while to understand and finally all our effort fall in place, when he, recently joined Bohemian Restaurant as Industrial trainee. Chef / Owner of the restaurant is really impressed with his skills and has already promised to take him as an employee after his 3 months tenure as a trainee.

Tailoring Unit

Ghandua Sardar

Ghandhua Sardar used to stay with her mother, father, four sisters and a brother at No. 2, Sonakhali, Village: Phool Malancho, Thana-Bashanti, South 24 Parganas District which is far away from Kolkata. At that time her father was working as a farmer on a landlords' farm and his earnings were the only source of income for the family.

At a tender age, while she was in the primary school, she lost her parents. The family lost its only earning member and slipped into uncertainty and poverty. At this point her Uncle requested the Landlord to take Ghandua to Kolkata where she could work for them. As fate would have it she left her home with the Landlord and landed up at his Kolkata home to work as a helper. When she was 17, through one of her friends she came to know about the Life Skill Training Unit of Hope Kolkata Foundation. Thus, through her own efforts she sought admission in the HKF Life Skill Tailoring Unit.

Ghandhua Sardar used to stay with her mother, father, four sisters and a brother at No. 2, Sonakhali, Village: Phool Malancho, Thana-Bashanti, South 24 Parganas District which is far away from Kolkata. At that time her father was working as a farmer on a landlords' farm and his earnings were the only source of income for the family.

She was a slow learner in the beginning and very soft spoken. But after a few months and counseling sessions she started working fast and became active towards her modules. After finishing her 9 months training she applied for a 3 months internship in a company as an intern which is a part of the course. She was selected by the Boutique PRANA, a renowned designer boutique of Kolkata, as a Tailor on a Package of Rs.3000.00. HKF is in touch with her and is regularly monitoring her progress and growth.

She acknowledged with gratitude – “I would like to thank HKF Training Unit for bringing this change into my life and making me self dependent”.

The Company – Boutique PRANA, Report has commented that Ghandua is a good candidate and that they are satisfied with her performance and offering her a full time job in the same Boutique with the increment as per Company Policy.




Mst. Arum Das 6 years old Male & Mst. Sankara Das 4 years old Male was admitted in Hope Hospital by Missionaries of Charity (Dayadan, Sr. Karina) on 16.07.2012. At the time of admission Arum Das had fever, cold, cough and ulcer in leg. Sankara had also fever, cold, cough and ulcer in head. Sankara was malnourished also. Both were admitted under Dr. S.S.Bose. Both the brothers are living into the slum in Nimtolla Ghat Street, in North Kolkata. They have one elder brother (12 years) & old elder sister (8 years).

Eight months back their father went to the clinic of Missionaries of Charity in Nimtolla Ghat Street. Sisters of Missionaries of Charity referred their father to Hope Hospital for diagnosis. After several investigations in Hope Hospital it was found that their father was suffering from Mouth Cancer. He was referred to Cancer Hospital for treatment. Sisters of Missionaries of Charity was taking care the treatment cost of their father. But despite of all efforts of sisters their father died on 07.08.2012 in Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital.

Sisters of Missionaries of charity have admitted their elder sister in Loreto Boarding school. Their elder brother is already addicted with glue and Sisters of Missionaries of Charity are trying to locate that child. Both Arum & Sankara who were admitted in Hope Hospital was getting well and as they were very vulnerable children and the mother of these children is little bit mentally retarded, Sisters of Missionaries of Charity requested to Hope Foundation for a protection of these children in Hope Homes. After considering all these facts and after discussion with Ms. Jenny Browne (Overseas Director) both the children was send to Crisis Intervention Centre of Hope Foundation for future plan of action.


Anjalim 4 year's old girl who is living in Babubazar near Khidirpur met a serious road accident on 02.07.2012 and was seriously injured.She was rushed in S.S.K.M Govt. Hospital on that day, but in fact no treatment was done in that Hospital for 20 days.

Ms. Donna Mclemore from USA came to know the about this incident. She contacted with Hope Hospital and asked for help. Anjalim was shifted to Hope Hospital on 24.07.2012 with huge lacerated infected wounds in medial side of right leg extended from lower part of thigh to foot. Tibia was exposed in lower part of leg. Bones of medial part of ankle joint was also exposed. There were also wounds in chest and abdomen. At the time of admission she also had a fever. She was also getting convulsion at that time. At the time of admission Anjalim was malnourished. Her weight was 8 kg. Anjalim was admitted under Dr. Mukul Bhattacharya (Orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. Ajoy Ghosh (General & Plastic Surgeon). At the time of admission Anjalim was not in a position to talk & eat by her. She was unable to recognize her parents also. Due to malnourishment Anjalim was also referred to Dr. S.S.Bose (Pediatrician). Anjalim is improving day by day in Hope Hospital. Her wounds in abdomen & chest and some portion of her leg are already healed. Right now she has some wounds in foot. Anjalim has gained a significant weight. Within one month treatment in Hope Hospital she is now 12 kg. Anjalim now recognizes her parents and now she started in taking foods in her own hands. Anjalim needs grafting in some portion of her foot and she also needs bone fixation. But she is not fit for the operation right now. We will do the entire necessary thing for Anjalim.

Case Study of Moniya Bijali

Moniya Bijali went to visit a doctor at KarAnjalim in South 24 Parganas District. After her visit she was waiting at the station to catch Sealdah-Namkhana Local Train. One married woman standing nearby offered her a cake Moniya refused to eat. But she was forced to eat the cake. Sonia was totally unconscious of what she was doing. Being asked, she started following the woman wherever she was going. Then she was taken to a hotel in Sealdah where she had rice which she vomited back. Afterwards, she was not at all in her senses. When she got her sense back, she realized that she was in a brothel in New Delhi.

She remembered her father's mobile number and was continuously trying to connect to him by the help of another girl whom she had met there. she remained unsuccessful. At the brothel customers were not allowed to carry phone with them. Somehow one managed to keep his cell phone with him who she begged for her rescue. Later on with the help of the customer's mobile she was able to get in touch with her maternal uncle. That Bengali customer too helped her in finding her parents and took her from Delhi to Kolkata. He further took her to HCWS.

Moniya used to be violently beaten up in the beginning and was forced to take prostitution. She even fell ill with high fever for 7 days due to brutal bashing. She was beaten up by a fat lady whose complexion was white as far as she remembered. She was given food to eat in time, and was provided with one single garment during her stay in the brothel. Most of the time she was forced to tart herself up to attract her customers.

On the other hand, Moniya 's father Arum Bijali* had no information about missing of her daughter. He, from his side, lodged an FIR as well as GD in Kakdwip Police station. Then he approached the local MLA as well, from where he was told to go to an NGO, named HCWS. Arjun Bijali then contacted HCWS and informed the entire incident of her missing daughter. He received telephone call from her daughter one and half months later, informing she was beaten there in Delhi very badly. Moniya had given her father a mobile number. From that number it was possible to trace her. She was staying in Room no. 57 on G B Road in Delhi*. With the help of Delhi & Kakdwip police, the customer as well as HCWS he was able to rescue her daughter.

She was in this business for 2 months and was subsequently rescued on 26th April.

**Name of the victims and her father's name has been altered appropriately.