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Our Vision - A World Where it Should Never Hurt to Be a Child.


Case History of Ms. Namita Jana, Age 15 years, Sex: Female

Namita Jana was admitted in Hope Hospital through a reference of HIVE India (Partner Organization of Hope Foundation) on 03.09.2012 with fever, anemia, and heaptosplenomegaly . She had a very low level of Hemoglobin of 5.10 gm/dl at the time of admission in Hope Hospital. Namita is from a very poor family from Purba Midnapore of West Bengal. Namita was admitted under Dr. P.K.Das M.D ( Medicine ) of Hope Hospital. She went for several investigations like Bone marrow aspiration & bone marrow biopsy. Bone marrow biopsy reveals erythroid hyperplasia and megaloblastic changes. From 03.09.2012 to 16.09.2012 Namita gets 08 units of packed cells. But it was found that her Hemoblobin level is not increasing. Dr. P.K.Das referred Namita to a renowned Hematologist ( Dr. R.N.Ghosh of Calcutta Hospital) on 17.09.2012. Dr. R.N.Ghosh advised not to give any more blood and advised for Injection VITCOFOL, Folvite, Astyfer-z and advised for visit after 3 weeks. Accordingly she was treated as per the advised of Dr. R.N.Ghosh.

But on 20.09.2012 Namita was in serious condition and the Hemoglobin level was only 2.5 gm/dL. Hope Hospital immediately contacted Dr. P.K.Das and he advised three units of packed cells immediately. Accordingly she gets three units of Blood. Hope Hospital contacted another Hematologist (Dr. Prosanta Banerjee) after discussing with HIVE India , and he examined Namita on 21.09.2012 and suggested for few more blood tests. Hope Hospital is trying to do these tests from outside as Hope Hospital has no facility to do these tests.

Case History of Akash Rajbangsi , Age-6 Y, Male

Akash is living in a slum near Hastings, Khidirpur. He had a serious dog bite on his head & several parts of his body on 20.11.2012 inside the premises of a state hospital. He was rushed to the emergency dept. of that hospital but due to lack of beds he was not admitted in that state hospital. He was discharged with some preliminary dressing from that hospital and referred to other state hospital for Rabbies vaccine.

The family is very poor and was not in a position to go to another state hospital for treatment. The matter came to the notice of Health Worker of Primary Health care Project of Hope Foundation on 21.11.2012. They immediately contacted with Hope Hospital for necessary treatment. Hope Hospital advised the social worker to bring the child in Hope Hospital.

The child was brought to Hope Hospital on 21.11.2012 in a very serious condition.

The bite was so severe that the scull bone was exposed.

Hope Hospital has given the Immunoglobulin & Rabbies vaccine immediately and did the dressing. Hope Hospital also took a consultation with the Eye Doctor to see whether his eye is damaged or not. But after several investigations it is found that his eye is saved. We had done the MRI of brain and we found that Akash is little bit lucky that his brain has not effected from that bite. Akash is still in Hope Hospital and getting treatment. His wound healing quickly but he needs to stay in Hope Hospital for few more weeks. Tentative cost of his medical expenses in Hope Hospital will be Rs. 30,000/ (Euro 500 ).

Appeal: Any sort of financial help for this child will be highly appreciated.

Case history of Joseph, Age 10 Y, Male

Joseph is an orphan child is staying in Missionaries of Charity (Burdwan) home for last one year. Few months back Sisters of Missionaries of Charity found him that he has a deformity in his spinal cord and as a result he is unable to walk properly.

Sisters of Missionaries of Charity (Burdwan ) contacted with Missionaries of Charity ( Dayadan, Sr. Karina) for necessary action. Sr. Karina contacted with Hope Hospital and advised to bring the child in Hope Hospital for treatment.

Accordingly Joseph was brought in Hope Hospital on 16.11.2012. He was admitted under Dr. M.Bhattacharya (Orthopedic Surgeon) of Hope Hospital. On several investigation, blood test, X- ray & MRI , Hope Hospital diagnosed the child. The child is suffering from Spinal Tuberculosis and as a result the spinal cord has the deformity.

Dr. M.Bhattacharya advised for a long Spinal Brace and bed rest so that spine should not be damaged any more and referred the case to Dr. S. S. Bose for the treatment of Tuberculosis. Right now Joseph on Anti Tuberculosis Drug, which he should continue for next six months . After six months treatment of Tuberculosis we are planning for a spinal surgery of Joseph. This spine surgery is very expensive which would cost approx Rs. 2,00,000/ ( Euro 3333 ). Joseph is now in Hope Hospital and getting medicine & proper food & nutrition. His medical expenses for next six months will be Rs. 50,000/ (Euro 833 ). After his spine surgery Joseph will be a normal child.

Appeal : Any sort of financial help for Joseph will be highly appreciated.

Case History of Mst. Kawa Das, Sex: M, Age: 12 Y

This child is living into the slum near Nimtolla Ghat Street. This child had a 45 % Burn Injury from Fire Crackers on 20.11.2012. He was immediately rushed to a state hospital on that night. But he was discharged from that state hospital on 24.11.2012 as the family was unable to pay the medicine & incidental charges to the state hospital.

The child was brought back to the slum by his parents. The matter came to the notice of Missionaries of Charity (Dayadan) on 26.11.2012. Sr. Karina contacted with Hope Hospital and requested for an immediate admission in Hope Hospital.

The child was admitted in Hope Hospital on 26.11.2012 with a severe burn injury all over his face, both of his hands & legs & upper portion of his chest.

The child was admitted under Dr. Ajoy Ghosh of Hope Hospital. Dr. Ajoy Ghosh has done dressing on Operation Theatre under G.A on 29.11.2012 in both of his hands & legs. But he still needs few more dressing in Operation Theatre under G.A. His Burn injury in face is healing quickly. But it will take few more weeks to heal his injury in hands & legs. The child is lucky from this burn injury his eye is not effected. Any type of Burn injury is highly expensive.

Tentative cost medical expenses for this boy will be Rs. 45,000/ (Euro 750).

Appeal: Any sort of financial help for this child will be highly appreciated.

Name: Mst. Murtaza Khan, Age 13 years, Male

Murtaza Khan is from interior part of West Bengal. He is from a very poor family; his father is a rickshaw puller. He has another three brothers.

One & half years back Murtaza had fallen from a bicycle and had a Lt. Tibia Fracture. As they are from very poor family he was rushed to a Govt. Hospital in Kolkata. He was operated in that Govt. Hospital with open reduction and with internal implant. Then he was discharged from that Govt. Hospital. After few months the Govt. Hospital had noticed that the wound is not healing due to the improper sterilization of implant or operation theatre. Then the Govt. hospital removed the implant knowing fully well that the tibia has not joined at that time and discharged Murtaza with some medicines.

As Murtaza is from very poor family he has no option to take a second opinion from any other private hospital in Kolkata. It was found that slowly Murtaza was loosing sensation in his left leg.

Murtaza’s family came to know about the Hope Hospital , a place for the treatment of the underprivileged children in the month of Sept. 2012. With a great hope the parents of Murtaza brought Murtaza in Hope Hospital.

At the time of admission in Hope Hospital Murtaza had computed Lt. Ankle and foot with foot drop and fixed ankle. His Lt. Knee was also fixed. Sequestrated bone was exposed.

Murtaza was admitted under Dr. Mukul Bhattacharya (Orthopedic Surgeon) of Hope Hospital. Dr. Bhattacharya advised for cleaning the wounds, stretching exercises by the physiotherapist. We observed that the sensation is coming back to his left leg.

Plan of action:

Bone grafting & plastic surgery to save his leg.

This is a huge operation .We have contacted with Dr. Anupam Golash (Plastic Surgeon) & Dr. Mukul Bhattacharya (Orthopedic Surgeon). Both are planning to do the surgery on 20th of Nov. 2012. Estimated cost for this operation is Rs. 1, 20,000/ (Euro 2000).

Action Taken: Murtaza was operated on 26.11.2012 by Dr. Anupam Golash & Dr. Mukul Bhattacharya. Operation is successful. We have saved his leg. He is now in Hope Hospital and getting post operative care. He will be ready for walking shortly.Post operative expenses will be another Rs. 45,000/ (Euro 750).

Our sincere gratitude to Ms. Mags O’Sullivan from Ireland who has contributed the operation cost of Murtaza.

Appeal: Any sort of financial help for his Post operative care will be highly for this boy will be highly appreciated.

Case History of Mst. Rintu Jana, Age: 13 Y, Sex: M

Rintu is living in a very interior part of Rural Bengal. He is suffering from Tonsillitis & Mastoid. The parents went to various State hospitals for the operation. The family was waiting for last two years to get a bed in state hospital.

The parents came to know about the Hope Hospital and contacted with Hope Hospital two weeks back. The hospital advised the parents to bring the boy on Wednesday when ENT Surgeon (Dr. D. R. Sarkar) attends the Out Patient Department in Hope Hospital.

The boy came to the OPD of Hope Hospital on last Wednesday and Dr. D.R.Sarkar also advised for operation of Tonsillitis & Mastoid.

The family is so poor that they are not in a position to pay any amount for this operation. After considering the financial condition of this family the Hope Hospital decided to admit the boy on 1.12.12 for his Tonsillitis operation.

Accordingly Tonsillectomy under GA was done by Dr. D. R. Sarkar (ENT Surgeon) on 02.12.2012. The boy is now in Hope Hospital for post operative care. Dr. D. R. Sarkar is planning to do his next surgery (Mastoid operation) by the end of this week.

Total expenses for these operations (Tonsillectomy and Mastoidectomy with Tympanoplasty) are expected Rs. 45,000/ (Euro 750).

Appeal: Any sort of financial help for this boy will be highly appreciated.