• 23 target government schools and 161 teachers in operational areas implemented CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)
  • 6 complaints were lodged against use of corporal punishment in schools.
  • 154 teachers used positive reinforcement methodologies in classes, reducing incidents of corporal punishment.
  • 94 parent teacher meetings were conducted in formal government schools with 2751 parents.
  • 16 SMC’s were formed and are functioning according to RTE.
  • 3 schools improved the environment of their school making it inclusive for all students.
  • 173 awareness camps were held to raise awareness about use of corporal punishment, Child Rights and Juvenile Justice Act. 8,089 people attended these camps.
  • 160 teachers incorporated interesting teaching learning materials to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • 24 teachers used special teaching aids to teach children with special needs & government schools in 17 operational areas have started special training for children with learning difficulties.
  • 67 children with special needs were enrolled in government schools.
  • 27 children with special needs received disability certificates which they can use to avail of benefits and entitlements.
  • 76 networking and advocacy meetings were held with Government Departments to provide teaching aids, disability cards and other support for children with special needs.
  • 10 new libraries were set up in government schools which were accessed by 2,845 students every week.
  • 322 children age 6-14 years of age from slum communities who dropped out of school were enrolled in government schools.
  • 507 students with learning difficulties improved their learning level through HOPE’s special training.
  • 146 children are receiving educational sponsorship through HOPE’s Holistic Education Project.

Name of the School Area
Surendra Chakraborty InstitutionPanditya
Chetla Boys High SchoolChetla
Sukanta Siksha NiketanMudiali
Tirthapati InstitutionPanditya
Nabdwip Roy Smrity Prathamik VidyalayaChitpur
Sreema ProbashikalayNimtala
Nehalia Day Junior High SchoolBelgachia
Shakti Sangha Govt Sposored Free Primary SchoolBasanti Colony
Bhutnath Secondary SchoolTangra
Bhutnath Secondary Girls School (Primary)Tangra
Labbaik Madarsa Shiksha KendraNarkeldanga
Azad Primary SchoolBelgachia
The Presidency Muslim High School Marcus Square
Shyam Bazar AV School ( Primary and Secondary)Nimtala
Oriental Seminary for GirlsNimtala
Podrah Mohakali Secondary SchoolPanchpara
Shalimar Hindi High SchoolShalimar
Sree Shikha Sadan Shalimar
Liluah Shishu Vidyapith & Liluah Shishu Vidyapith (Primary)Bhagar
Kalighat High School (G.S.F.P.)Kalighat
Kalighat High SchoolKalighat
CPC Remount Road Institution (PS) Khidderpore
CPC Remount Road Institution (SE)Khidderpore
South Calcutta Girls Primary School14 Anna

Testimonials from Head Teachers

Presidency Muslim High School
Mansoor Ali firstly thanked HOPE for their utmost support and coordination. Previously there were many irregular attending students but after HOPE teachers joined the school, the students became regular through home visits where the HOPE teachers used to motivate the parents and the students to go school.
Teachers are practicing positive reinforcement rather than corporal punishment.
HOPE also provided library books, aqua guard, benches for school. It is noticed that students are gaining more interest in studies.

Nawadip Roy Smriti Pratamik Vidyalaya
Sudipta Majumdar (Head Teacher) and Devayan Sinha (Assistant-Teacher) said enrollment is increasing after HOPE’s kind support which made their students study more.
Facilities which were provided by HOPE such as benches, new well functioned washroom with facilities for CWSN (Children with Special Needs) are greatly appreciated.
The school teachers are applying teaching methodologies used by Froebel teachers who visit and teach the students, which has resulted in positive changes.