Priya (name changed), a 13 year old girl was abandoned by her parents when she was only 2 days old and severely underweight in 2004. Due to stigma and poverty, her parents were not able to cope and provide enough support to their daughter with special needs. Sadly they felt they had no option but to abandon their new born baby.

Luckily, Priya has been in the care of SICW since she was 2 days old where she received medical, nutrition and loving support to improve her health. Priya was diagnosed with Sensory Neural Deafness and delayed milestone.

However after receiving care and continued physiotherapy, gradually she is sitting on a special chair without support. Priya is also able to walk a few steps using her gaiters as support. She is a very charming and happy girl who enjoys playing games with the other children and listening to rhymes and songs. Priya attends Janseva Community Centre every morning and attends the evening class at UMEED where she learns rhymes with the other children and celebrates lots of festivals.