Restaurant Unit

Rajuua has been associated with Hope since last 3 years. He was rescued by our social workers and was eventually convinced to lead a normal life of dignity and self respect. He trained in Hope Café in Culinary skills and as time passed he was given the responsibility of managing other new trainees. He was sent to Bohemian Restaurant for Industrial Training, where he was absorbed as an employee.

B Imran
B. Imran is one of our beneficiaries from Punorjibon (A shelter Home for Drug addicted children). After being rescued from Howrah station, he spent most of his days in Hope's protection home. As he was always inclined towards cooking, he was sent to Hope Café where he trained for 3 years. Being partially impaired with his hearing, it took him a while to understand and finally all our effort fall in place, when he, recently joined Bohemian Restaurant as Industrial trainee. Chef / Owner of the restaurant is really impressed with his skills and has already promised to take him as an employee after his 3 months tenure as a trainee.