Rahul (name changed) is a 4 year old boy who was enrolled in Panditiya crèche in April 2015. Initially he had difficulty in expressing himself clearly and pronouncing his own name. The crèche teachers taught him with care through playful and child friendly methodologies and individual care was given to him to ensure he reached his full potential and development. It wasn’t long until Rahul started mixing and playing with the children in the crèche and he made friends. After early intervention undertaken by the crèche teachers and caregivers, now Rahul can recite 1-10, A-Z English alphabet, Bengali alphabet and he can also write from 1-10 and A-Z. He is a well behaved boy and passed the entrance examination for La Matinere School which he has been attending since January 2017. His parents are very of his achievement and continue to support and help him with his education when he finishes school every day. We wish him all the best for his future.