Sandip is a research and development engineer who completed his post graduate from IIT, Mumbai. Sandip spent 1 month volunteering in HOPE’s projects.
“I know Kolkata like the back of my hand.” I always exaggerated till the day I joined Hope. For me Kolkata was “Esplanade, Coffee House, Gariahat, Princep Ghat, Maddox Square bla bla bla with a long list.
But my list never contains the slum behind the Dhakuria AMRI (though I visited the hospital 1000 times before), a shelter for more than 1700 families, the list never has “Ashirbad Boys Home” no less than “a real home” for more than 50 homeless children and many other places full of people from my city I never did care about.
Yes, HOPE gives me an insight of my city and the people living there, who were far away from my previous world of fun, enjoyment and carelessness.
Coming to the people, I would never know, there is a 6 year old girl living in the roadside of Esplanade, who is way better than me in terms intelligence when I was at her age, there is a differently abled child living in one of the HOPE boys homes whose general knowledge and IQ is higher than most of us, unless I joined this organization. I believe these children deserve the same education, the same childhood that I deserved or my children will deserve. They do not deserve to beg, starve or live in the darkness. And unfortunately the fact is, there are still too many of them yet to see the light, hoping for a bright future.
But I am HOPE-full that HOPE will show them the light, will help them to their journey of success and excellence, and together with HOPE we will definitely make this world a little better place than yesterday.
Hope Kolkata Foundation
Sandip Ghoshal
(HOPE volunteer from India)
Mansoor Ali firstly thanked HOPE for their utmost support and coordination. Previously there were many irregular attending students but after HOPE teachers joined the school, the students became regular through home visits where the HOPE teachers used to motivate the parents and the students to go school.

Teachers are practicing positive reinforcement rather than corporal punishment.

HOPE also provided library books, aqua guard, benches for school. It is noticed that students are gaining more interest in studies.
Mansoor Ali
Presidency Muslim High School
Sudipta Majumdar (Head Teacher) and Devayan Sinha (Assistant-Teacher) said enrollment is increasing after HOPE’s kind support which made their students study more.

Facilities which were provided by HOPE such as benches, new well functioned washroom with facilities for CWSN (Children with Special Needs) are greatly appreciated.

The school teachers are applying teaching methodologies used by Froebel teachers who visit and teach the students, which has resulted in positive changes.
Sudipta Majumdar & Devayan Sinha
Nawadip Roy Smriti Pratamik Vidyalaya