Paulami De Sarkar

Programme Director

When we embarked on reviewing our five year strategy document and we started analysing what we might do differently and better. We identified three key areas -

The first is to improve our performance as a funder by listening, learning and being clearer and more purposeful about maximizing the impact of our funding. We now give feedback to application which reaches certain level after screening and provide feedback to applicant organisation. We engage ourselves in open conversations to successful applicants of first stage application.

Second as a funder we are putting greater emphasis on collaboration. Our successful collaboration is helping children to learn faster through different activity based learning methods. Our Accelerated Learning Programme in formal schools is impacting hundreds of children with learning difficulties.

Third as a funder we are continuously building the capacity of partner organisations to strengthen the family situations of the children who are presently staying in THF funded shelter homes. Independent case workers are being constantly trained to preserve, promote and strengthen the family as the core unit of society, so that it can provide a supportive environment for the holistic development of a child. We continue the support to the child and family as we believe most children in institutional care would not be there if their parents had adequate support. We are considering individual needs and best interest of the child instead of one-size-fits-all approach to care.

As I conclude, I’m proud to state that HOPE’s achievements are commendable. We have excellent staffs doing great work. We feel strongly supported by you, donors, volunteers and visitors. The achievements detailed in the report contribute to our vision for a world where it should never hurt to be child.